4 Budget Honeymoon Destinations in India


4 Budget Honeymoon Destinations in India

This is the time when many gets married. It is the marriage season after all. There is a purity in the air and everything seems so beautiful. After marriage the first thing a couple thinks about is where to go for honeymoon. If you are also someone who is thinking about this then this is the best blog for you.

During the marriage time already a huge amount of money gets spent. You already  faceing a huge budget crunch. In such a situation, if the honeymoon also comes to the forefront then it is a serious issue. However, honeymoon is also very important. Then in this situation if we can suggest you some budget destination for your honeymoon then I think it will be easier for you. Many people think of Sundarban at first , we have other three too.

1. Puri:

Puri the place of Jagannath dev. The place of purity and blessing. This is the right and the most accurate place to visit after marriage. You get to pray as well as enjoy on the beach. Taking the blessing of Jagannath dev and starting your married life is the best. So, Puri can be your best and the most amazing touring destination for honeymoon. Moreover, it is not costly.

Per person: Rs 4000 minimum stay , food and travel cost

2. Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is for those who want to enjoy a hill station at minimum price. This is an amazing place and you will get to enjoy more. The beauty of this place is just incomparable. You will just enjoy amazingly there. Low budget and happy stay.

Per person minimum: Rs.5000 stay, travel and food cost

3. Sundarban:

Nothing better than Sundarban. There is already and amazing and beautiful Sundarban honeymoon touring package for you to enjoy. Just get the package and enjoy more.

Per person- Rs 5000 minimum for stay, travel and food

4. Dooars:

Many people are opting for dooars these days. This is adventurous, forest and a very good destination for honeymoon.

Per person: Rs 4000 minimum for stay, travel and food.

                                                         ENJOY A HAPPY HONEYMOON