5 Reasons You Must go to Sundarban


5 Reasons You Must go to Sundarban

You might be asking yourself, why in the world should I ever visit Sundarban. What is so special out there? What will I be doing there?

To answer all your question regarding the Sundarban tour and travels we are here today with this blog. Without wasting even a single moment let's dive into the topic.

There are a plethora of things to do in Sundarban. You can choose anyone or if you like you can even enjoy all of them. Here are just some of them for your knowledge.

A glance at the Royal Bengal Tiger:

Most of the people come to Sundarban to see the Bengal Tiger. But it's your luck if you get to see them. They are there but you need to have patience if you want to see them. If you can see them then be sure it's an achievement.

Enjoying Bird Watching:

Bird watching program at sajnekhali is an amazing plan. You need to sit on the top of the watchtower for long and silently. You will be able to hear different types of birds singing and you will also be surprised as to how different each of them looks.

Spotting Phytoplanktons:

This is a magical experience. You will be able to do it at night safari only. You will feel like the life of pi while doing this adventure. If for nothing then at least for this you must come to Sundarbans. You will enjoy it.

Touring Local Village:

A tour of the local village is a very good experience. You get to see from close how minimalistic the life they lead but how happy do they stay. They have no such luxury out there but still, they are so happy with the little. They have always a smile on their face and their hospitality will snatch your heart away.


You must enjoy photography at such a place. Clicking pictures at Sudnarban will be something amazing. You will get some very good pictures to share on your social media platform. It is something you will love to do.

These are just some reasons that will instigate you to go to Sundarban. If you are eager after reading these then you will be a lot surprised when you visit Sundarban. Take proper Sudnarban packages to go there and feel happy.