Do You Think The Data Of Sundarban Helps Researchers?


Do You Think The Data Of Sundarban Helps Researchers?

The world's largest continuous mangrove biotope is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a RAMSAR site comprising about 100 islands covering an area of 10, 000km. Consisting of deltas of three major rivers (the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghana) in South Asia, Bengal is influenced by the diurnal tidal regime of coastal Bengal (Bay Of Bengal) along with freshwater inflows.

The mangrove tree is named after the dominant species of the Sundarbans, "Sundari" and is home to rich biodiversity including mangrove whales, extinct Gangetic and Irrawaddy dolphins, and prehistoric mangrove horseshoe crabs. It also contributes greatly to the coastal indigo economy (and GDP) of many countries along the Bay of Bengal rim, including India and Bangladesh. A huge mangrove forest is formed due to the suitable environment. Not only mangrove trees are growing smoothly here but also many species of birds come here in every season, many wild animals like to live here, and many more. Most probably the origin of the royal Bengal tiger is from Sundarban which is the most specious tiger in the world. 

 There are some data available in Sundarban which help the researchers most.

If you visit Sundarbans National Park, you will find it full of natural beauty like mangrove forests, tigers, crocodiles, birds, wild animals, and reptiles.  And also you can find many important data about the people of Sundarban who are dependent on that forest. They spend their daily life collecting wood and honey from the forest and maintained their daily life. Let us know how some information about Sundarban helps the researchers. 

1. Data regarding mangrove forest

The condition of Sundarban is very suitable for the mangrove trees. mangrove trees are usually developed in the Coastal region. So the mangrove trees grow very well in that conditions. In this forest, mangrove trees are speared enter area. It looks like heaven in this region. So the researcher finds a huge number of data for their research. They can analyze the circumstance of Sundarban. After that, they can know a lot of information about the mangrove trees. 

2. Collect information on soil and water

The soil of Sundarban is hugely different from the other region. In this region, we found salty soil and water. So that a researcher can analyze the chemical composition of Soil and water which is very important for the cultivation and productivity of some other crops. And also the researcher experimented with water and soil, which is helpful in many fields like drinking water, salt production, and cultivation. The data can help the researcher in the preparation of drinking water.

3. Can make an experiment on birds

Sundarban is a place where found more than 500 species of birds. Not only do the birds come from other parts of India but also come from different parts of the world. When you come to Sundarban you can watch the birds closely and clearly From many watchtowers like the Sajnekhali

watchtower and Sudarankhali watch tower. So that a researcher can find sufficient data regarding the birds. So it helps them. Bird lovers can collect huge information about the birds as they can make a thesis on birds. 

4. Collect information about tigers

Sundarban is a place where a large number of Royal Bengal tigers are available. The tiger are moving freely in this region because Sundarban national park is a tiger reserve area. So as a researcher collect sufficient data and information when observing tigers like their lifestyle, hunting procedure,  fear against people, protection, freedom, and many more.  

5. Live hood of the people

The people of the Sundarban are very friendly in nature. They depend on collecting wood, honey, fish, and crabs to maintain their daily lives. They maintain a simple lifestyle and their traditional culture regarding the forest and their live hood. So a researcher collects data or information about them. 

Apart from this, the geographical location can be provided much information to the researchers. So, if you have any interest in the research field then you should make a plan for the Sundarban tour quickly. There are many Sundarban tour packages available from many tour operators. If the tour packages will not fulfill your requirement then you can make a customized Sundarbans tour package. So think a lot and search for an experienced and genuine Sundarban tour operator for making your Sundarban trip.