How Does Sundarban Help The Researchers?


How Does Sundarban Help The Researchers?

Sundarban shares it’s border with both India and Bangladesh. Some portion is located in India and some portion is located in Bangladesh. It is a low-lying island in the Bay of Bengal. For this, salt water has been seen here and it has also been seen that most of the mangrove forests are there. Mostly the water in the Sundarban area is salty in nature. Therefore, most tourists face a little problem with drinking water in Sundarban. But most Sundarban tour operators arrange sufficient drinking water for their tourists before making a Sundarban tour.

Most of the tigers are lived in the Mangrove forest of Sundarban. The word the Royal Bengal Tiger comes from here. The Royal Bengal tigers roam freely in the mangrove forest for searching their food. Sometimes tigers are seen on the riverside. Later a tiger reserve that is known as a protected area for the royal Bengal tigers named Sundarban National Park was developed by both the Central and State Governments. 

Sundarbans is full of natural beauty like mangrove forests, tigers, wild animals, crocodiles, birds, etc. The people of Sundarbans are very honest in nature. They earn their daily living by collecting honey and wood from the forest. They also collect fish and crabs in the rivers and sub-kennels in mangrove forests. Sometimes many people fall prey to royal whales. Many of them have saved their lives and many have lost their lives. From this, we know that there is a lot of data available in the Sundarbans for many species. So, I can say that the relationship between Sundarban and researchers is very compact because it gives sufficient data to the researchers regarding birds, crocodiles, fish, peoples, mangrove forests, and the royal Bengal tigers. 

Sundarbans is a precious resource center of India, many people come here for their research. They represent various types of information in their research. Researchers take Sundarban as a sample to complete their research and publish their results or research. The researcher researches it and communicates his opinion to people all over the world. Starting from the origin of the Sundarban, they have researched all the animals, reptiles, vegetation, climate, and water currents here and informed the people about the information they have found.  

Researchers can collect a large amount of data in the Sundarbans. Some of these are as follows:-

• Research for soil and water:-

Sundarban soil is different from other regions of India. The water in the Sundarban region is slightly salty. Therefore, you can collect the composition of chemical elements of the soil which is very necessary for cultivation in this area. You can also experiment with water in the same way. Which can help in many fields like drinking, salt production, agriculture, etc. The climate of Sundarban is also a vital part of the research field.  

• Collection of information about mangrove trees:-

Mangrove forests grow very well here due to the suitable environment and climate. Mangrove forest is usually seen in the Sundarban region of West Bengal. So that the researchers can experiment with Mangrove forests. 

• Research on birds:-

More than 500 species of birds are available in Sundarban. These birds come not only from other parts of India but also from many regions of the world. You can see the birds closely and clearly from the many bird watch Towers in Sundarban such as Sajnekhali Bird Watching Tower, Sudhanyakhali bird watching tower, etc. so that you can gather enough information on the birds. 

• Research on tigers:-

There are many tigers available in the Sundarbans. Tigers also roam freely in the Mangrove Forest and Sundarban National Park. Therefore, researchers can observe the tiger closely and gather enough information about their prey, preferences, health, spawning time, attack patterns, avoidance, and more. 

• Live hood of the people

The people of Sundarban are very honest and simple in nature. They sustain themselves by collecting honey, crabs, fish, and wood. They have been following this way since the beginning till date So that you can gather enough information about the culture as well as the people and their lifestyle.

Now there are too many Sundarban tour operators are available in Gosaba and Kolkata who are making Sundarban tours from various regions of Kolkata. It is better to make a Sundarban tour with an experienced tour operator for the best safety.