How Sundarban Acted during the Covid period?


How Sundarban Acted during the Covid period?

Covid 19 has stopped everything. Nothing is at its original phase. Everything is taking a back seat and Life is getting day by day frustrated and bored due to this. But when the situation demands we need to answer accordingly. If we do not answer in the right manner, then the situation takes over us and makes us fall into the pit of distress. We do not want that in our life that is why we have a plan and a reason to write this blog.

We all know how Sundarban tour is famous and people love to take the facility of the tour. But that tour even stopped and didn't start due to this covid 19. Now we know the seriousness of the situation. Everywhere it is a tough time and we all need to fight through it. Even Sundarban has its own story of fighting through it. I know all of you are very eager to know the story and that is why this blog will help you a lot.

They immediately stopped tourism:

Sundarban stopped their tourism immediately and made sure that no one enters the place during covid 19. This strictness helped because during this time if they wouldn't have been this strict then the place would have turned into disastrous land.

Made all necessary lockdowns:

They called for meetings and identified the places that need immediate lockdowns. After identifying they made lockdowns necessary and enforced some strict rules and regulations so that no one intrudes the place. This is a very big step that they took ad made things possible.

Issued some strict rules :

This time being strict is very necessary and they are very strict and they are very strict and stern with their policies. This is their good thing and this is making fighting covid easier for them. If Sundarban hadn't been so strict then things would have been different.

Pay no heed to any pleading:

Many people pleaded to enter or come out of Sundarban but the governing bodies are so strict that they didn't allow anything like that. This also stopped covid from ruining the place and making this possible was very necessary too.

Hats off to Sundarban for being so strict and serious about the health of their tourist. After all, this is over, the moment Sundarban tour booking starts come to Sundarban and enjoy to the fullest. You will surely enjoy a nice stay here.