Monsoon Gives Sundarban A New Glow


Monsoon Gives Sundarban A New Glow

Monsoons are all about Rains, muddy earthy smell of wet soil, drizzles all day through, chirping of birds, frogs calling. It's a whole different feeling. It's a feeling that brings you close to yourself and the earth too. As because Sundarban is a place where it is covered on all four sides with just water then here the rains bring is a completely new feeling that is only for those who are searching for peace amidst nothing. Monsoons do give Sundarban a new glow, new love, and new charm. But you need to feel that and work accordingly. If you come to Sundarban only to part and feel excited then the time of Monsoon is not for you. But those who come to Sundarban to engross amidst nature will love the season in Sundarban.

The Sundarban tour package from Kolkata must be carefully chosen. Rightly selected and well equipped for a better experience in Sundarban during monsoons.

Experience during Monsoon in Sundarban:

Wet but Beautiful:

During this time Sundarban is wet because rains are naturally occurring now. But with the rain, the glow of Sundarban doesn't get dimmed rather enhances. This is something great to experience.

Hilsa in abundance:

Hilsa the fish which has a completely different festival celebrated in Sundarban is found in abundance during this time. The fisherman is very happy they catch the fishes and store for the festival thereafter.

Drizzle, rain, and nature:

The drizzle rain and nature make such amazing music all through that it gives a completely new feeling. It makes you happy and nostalgic at the same time. It guides you through a different lane of nature. You love it so much.

You meditate:

The beautiful nature tells you to calm down and sit in a quiet place and meditate. You meditate throughout and get into the inner self and experience yourself. It's a whole new feeling.

You feel grounded:

Everything else stops you just feel grounded and stop understanding any other thing. You just understand nature and you feel connected with it. It is something very different and great to enjoy.

What can be more satisfying than Sundarban during monsoons is my question. Nothing, yes nothing can be more satisfying than Sundarban during monsoons. It is just an amazing feeling and a happy place to be. You just want nothing other than a Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days.