Planning a tour from Kolkata


Planning a tour from Kolkata

Kolkata is well connected to every corner of the world. So we can travel to every corner from here easily. We can make a tour from Kolkata as per our need smoothly without any hesitation. For making planning for a tour we should have the priority to search tourist places in Kolkata or around Kolkata, then searching for West Bengal and the rest of India. There are many tourist places are available in west Bengal such as Darjeeling, Sundarban, Kalimpong, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Howrah bridge, Science city, Champrani wild forest, and many more. West Bengal is full of nature with beautiful tourist places. So we have the better option to choose for our tour from Kolkata within our budget. We will discuss briefly about the Sundarban tour now due to the right season.

Sundarban is situated at the bay of Bengal which shares a border with both India and Bangladesh. It’s like an Iceland of a large area. Most of the people in Sundarban are very polite and innocent. It contains a large and big mangrove forest which is well known for the home of the Royal Bengal tiger. Sundarban tour can give you maximum pleasure as it is full of things for better enjoyment. More than 500 species of birds have been coming from October to March to enjoy nature. So it’s the right time to make a plan for the Sundarban tour. Many Sundarban tour operators and agencies are available in Kolkata and Gosaba to guide their tourists properly. They give many Sundarban tour packages with houseboats to their guests within their budget. So you can choose the right one for you and your group. But it is very important to know that we should choose a genuine, professional, and experienced Sundarban tour operator for our safety. As Sundarban is a connecting place of three big rivers so we should ride a Sundarban houseboat must to gain an amazing experience. But we have to examine or aware of the safety of houseboats because there are many dangerous wild animals and reptiles are moving freely. So an experienced operator is mandatory for all of us. If we have plans for a night stay at the houseboat then the security of the boat should be extremely fine along with its surroundings because the boat is parking at the riverside at night. So that we have the chance to get the Royal Bengal tiger face to face.

We should not miss visiting the bird watching tower and Sundarban national park during our tour because these two sight scenes give the real thesis of the Sundarban tour. From the bird-watching tower, we can see a large area of mangrove forest. We can see birds of different colours like a flower and can listen to the song of birds clearly. This gives an amazing feeling to all. Similarly, Sundarban national park is binding or covering a large area of forest with ferrous wire. As it is a tiger reserved area tigers are moving freely from here to there. So we have maximum chance to see Royal Bengal tigers. But we should follow all the guidelines of security personnel for our better safety.

Food is a very important part to everybody for complete their tour smoothly. So before Sundarban tour booking, we have to know details about sight scenes along with food menu details. We should include crab, local mutton kasha, deshi chicken, and local vegetables in your food menu because these are very tasty. We can ask to make different dishes for these items because most tour operators are hired good safe from many branded hotels to serve better for their tourists.

During evening time we should not miss the Fire camp to enjoy ourselves a lot because in fire camp we will fill like never before by touching the flame of fire to our body. Local folk dance can take the fire camp to the extra height in the winter season. So we should make a plan for the Sundarban tour between October to November. If we will make Sundarban tour from Kolkata then we have to keep sufficient money because there is no ATM facility available in the Sundarban area. Also, a medicine shop is not available there. So we should take some necessary medicine for the best relief. Some Sundarban tour packages include a sight scene surrounding Kolkata. If we are planning for these then we have to select 2 night 3 days special packages. Always we should prefer to pick up and drop facility from Kolkata and to Kolkata for a hassle free journey.