Role of wild animals for a Sundarban trip


Role of wild animals for a Sundarban trip

All we know Sundarban is a queen of natural beauty. It is designed by itself from the ancient with mangrove forests and wild animals. Apart from the natural beauty, it is decorated by the department of tourism to attract tourists. Now the Sundarban is one of the top-line tourist places in India and situated in West Bengal. Normally it is an Island of around 2.5thousand sq. km. in the confluence of three big rivers such as the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. It’s the border is connected with Bangladesh. As it is an Island and has a large mangrove forest, many wild animals, Wild reptiles, and wild birds live there like the Royal Bengal tiger, wolf, fox, deer, crocodile, snake, crabs, honey bees, and too many birds.

We learn from many researchers, local peoples, and ancient history there was a king whose name is Dakhineswar situated at a temple in the jungle of Sundarban. He can change himself like a real tiger as per his wish. That’s why the local peoples were worships him like GOD in the forest to save their lives from the Royal Bengal tiger. But later Goddess BANOBIBI was come there to save peoples’ lives from tigers and other wild animals. From that time most peoples worship “BANOBIBI” rather than Dakhineswar. They believe BANABIBI can save their lives from wild animals and from that period they have been worshiped to BANOBIBI before entering the forest. You can get more interesting information if you will be well connected with the Sundarban and local people.

The peoples of Sundarban are very simple and nomadic. They maintain their lively hood by collecting honey, crabs, fish, wood, and many natural ornaments from the forest. Many of them have lost their lives by the attack of the Royal Bengal tigers. Even it is impossible to get dead bodies of people. Govt. has declared Sundarban national park as a tiger reserve project in 1973 due to rising the number of tigers. In 1977 it is declared a wildlife sanctuary. From that time national park is covered by a security wire strongly. Many security personals are appointed to provide the best security to tourists and local people. Tigers are moving in the jungle freely from here to there. You can get a chance to see the royal Bengal tigers in the jungle with natural feelings. Apart from this, there is a chance to see other wild animals too like deer, wolves, and fox, etc. As most the sightseen are situated in the bay of river, then you have to travel by houseboat to reach there. So you can see a crocodile in the river because the crocodile is searching for its food in the river. The royal Bengal tiger is the most attractive one for tourists. You can see royal Bengal towers at the riverside also. Now recently there are two tigers have jumped into the river for hunting on two consecutive days.  Maximum time roar of Bengal tigers can listen to the year because they are moving in the jungle freely for hunting.

Most tourists want to enjoy all the things naturally including wild animals. So that wild animals are the vital parts to attract tourists for their Sundarban tour. Now many Sundarban tours and travel operators are preparing many Sundarban tour packages for tourists, or you can make a customized Sundarban tour package within your budget. If you have any plan to make a Sundarban tour then you should plan within November to March because in this period there are more than birds are available in the forest. Most wild animals are searching for their food near riversides. So you have more chance to enjoy their playing. Apart from this leaves fall from trees that’s why you can look to the maximum parts of the forest. So our request to collect more and more information about Sundarban tour and travel agent along their guide experienced. Because an experienced and local tour guide can guide you better, they can give you maximum security because they are well known about dangerous places. Also, they can be able to get permission in time for visiting the sight scenes. So think a lot before making a plan for the Sundarban tour.