Some facts about Sunderban National Park


Some facts about Sunderban National Park

There are many places in Sundarban to visit but how will you know which place is what, and how it is different from any other place. You will know it from this blog. Through this blog, we will try to tell you some very important facts about Sundarban National Park. Not many people know these facts. But those who know it, travel to Sundarban not only to enjoy but also gain a lot of knowledge from it. The Sundarban National Park is an amazing place and you will surely love it when you know these facts. The Sundarban tour and travels will surely let you know it.

Let's jump in and know the facts:

Sundarban a huge delta:

Sundarban is the largest Delta all over Asia and we proudly announce it. This is not manmade but a natural delta and it's amazing and beautiful. People from far and wide come to enjoy this delta.

Its name come from a tree:

Sundarban got its name from the tree Sundari. The tree Sundari is in abundance here in Sundarban. From the tree, the place gets named Sundarban. This is a natural naming and nothing very well thought.

The Uniqueness of the tide:

The tides in the rivers are also unique here. They look and feel so beautiful. People who stay here only can properly tell you about the description of the tides no one else from outside can tell you about that.

The character of so many books:

Sundarbans has got its name mentioned in so many books and thoughts of so many writers like Amitava Ghosh. Its beauty has mesmerized them and they let open their thoughts about Sundarban to us.

Only Place where Royal Bengal Thrive:

Sundarban is the only place that is favorable for the Royal Bengal Tigers. This is the place where they can live and thrive. It is their habitat and also very safe for them. This place protected by UNESCO for the tigers to be safe and flourish. The online booking for the Sundarban tour is available now, take the facility today.


Where is Sundarban National Park Located?

A: Sundarban National Park is located in West Bengal India and you can reach there via Kolkata.

Which animal is Famous in Sundarban National PARK?

A: The Royal Bengal Tiger is famous in Sundarban National Park. It is their original Habitat.

How far is Sundarban from Kolkata?

A: It is not very far away from Kolkata rater it's closest to Kolkata. You reach Sundarban within 3 hours maximum from Kolkata.