Some tips for making a plan for the vacation in Sundarban


Some tips for making a plan for the vacation in Sundarban

First, we should know whether Sundarban is the right place or not for our vacation? The people who do not know at all about Sundarban then he/she should go thoroughly about the Wikipedia of Sundarban by searching on Google because of gathering some knowledge about Sundarban. I hope we can find everything about Sundarban along with geographical location and weather forecasting on Wikipedia. If still, you have not clear about Sundarban then you can follow the blogs of some bloggers who have vast knowledge about Sundarban. Now their blogs are given on the many Sundarban tour& travel websites. I hope it will help you more. By the way, a basic overview of Sundarban is given below.

Sundarban is a tourist place in West Bengal which is formed by the confluence of three big rivers. We can say it is a Delta. The land of Sundarban is around 25000 square km. There are too many villages are situated in the Sundarban at safe distance from the home of wild animals. So that, they follow the safety guideline of the Government strictly. Therefore they live there safely. There is less cultivated land available in Sundarban, So most peoples depend on forests and rivers for maintaining their livelihood. They collect honey and wood from the forest. Apart from this many peoples go to the river and sea for fishing whereas many of them collect crabs, and fish at the riverside and small cannel. Many peoples have been losing their lives during their fishing or collection of honey, wood, and crabs every year because of the Royal Bengal tigers and other wild animals. Generally, Sundarban contains many wild animals, birds, and reptiles like tiger, wolf, hyena, deer, crocodile, snake, and many more. As Sundarban is covered with a huge mangrove forest wild animals move there freely because of their food and hunting. Sundarban national park is formed in 1964 as a tiger reserve area to protect other lives including villagers of Sundarban. The peoples of Sundarban are very honest and nomadic in nature. They follow the local culture and they need minimum requirements to survive their lives. They are very simple and honest. Many of them perform local cultural programs and traditional dances for the tourists. As a result, tourists can get a chance to know about the local culture, on the other hand, artists can get their reward money. There are many bird-watching towers are available in Sundarban where tourists can get a chance to watch wild animals, birds, and the jungle closely from the safety region. So that everyone can spend vacation easily with maximum enjoyment, we should be sincere about our safety during the Sundarban tour.

Sundarban tour from Kolkata

Sundarban is connected with Kolkata by rail, road, and water. But we have to drop at the nearest town of Sundarban named is Canning. Then we can reach Sundarban traveling by boat because the major transportation facility in Sundarban is a houseboat because Sundarban is well connected with other places by river only. Many local trains are available at Sealdah railway station for Canning. By traveling approx. 3 and half hour train will be reached at Canning. Apart from this, many buses and private cabs are available in Kolkata for Sundarban. A special type of houseboat is available from Babughat port to Gosaba.   

Now many Sundarban tour operators are available in Kolkata and Gosaba for making a Sundarban trip for their customers. They provide many Sundarban tour packages to their customers every year based on the market value. Generally, they provide Sundarban tour packages like 1 day Sundarban tour, Sundarban tour 1 night 2 days, and Sundarban tour 2 nights 3days. Apart from these tour packages they give facility to their customers for making a customized Sundarban tour package. All the tour itinerary details are mentioned for all tour packages clearly. Many top-line Sundarban tour operators include pick-up and drop facilities by their AC and Non-Ac luxury vehicles. So that tour may be more comfortable for everybody.

If you are from outstation Kolkata 

If you are from outstation Kolkata then you should keep in mind you have to reach Kolkata because Kolkata is well connected with all parts of the world by rail, air, and road. There are many guest houses and hotels available in Kolkata for accommodation. You can take a rest here for your comfort because all types of accommodation are available in Kolkata in all ranges. After that, you can make a plan for Sundarban tour independently as per your budget. More than 90% of people of Kolkata can communicate in English, Hindi, and Bengali whereas most of the people of Sundarban are comfortable in Bengali for communication. So that you can manage it. But if you will fully unknown about the nearest town of Sundarban and sightseeing then you may face major problems. Because maximum transportation in this area depends on the rivers only. Apart from this safety is the primary thing during a visit to Sundarban. Therefore local tour operators can guide you properly for the best enjoyment with the best safety. You can make complete your Sundarban tour by following Google search and Google Map but life may be at risk due to the availability of wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles along with water transportation.

To keep this in mind we should make a plan for Sundarban tour with a professional and experienced Sundarban tour operator because they have an experienced tour guide team who are well known for the sightseeing and the surrounding of the Sundarban. Apart from this, they are aware of the safety guideline which helps tourist to make a comfortable Sundarban tour with the best enjoyment. So that we should make a customized Sundarban tour package as per our budget with all transportation facilities, but pick up and drop facility from Kolkata and to Kolkata should be preferable. There are too many inexperienced Sundarban tour operators and travel agents available in Kolkata and Gosaba with many websites. Kindly take maximum time to find out the genuine, professional, and experience Sundarban tour operator before booking a Sundarban tour package. Always we should remember an experienced and professional Sundarban tour operator can guide us properly and professionally which gives us an opportunity for maximum enjoyment with the best safety.