Sundarban Tiger reserve & Sajnekhali bird sanctuary


Sundarban Tiger reserve & Sajnekhali bird sanctuary

Sundarban national park is a large coastal mangrove forest, share with India and Bangladesh. The tiger reserve and the Sajnekhali bird sanctuary are the two important places in Sundarbanthat attract tourists to Sundarban tour.


 It is known as the area of the home of the royal Bengal tiger. The Sundarban tiger reserve is the best choice for every tiger lover of all corners of India for natural creatures along with the sundarban delta. It is recognized as one of the largest tiger reserves for the royal Bengal tiger with the presence of the sundari tree. Later it is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sundarban area covers around 4624 sq km in India having a variety of birds, reptiles, and invertebrates including saltwater crocodiles. The present Sundarban national park was declared as the core area of the Sundarban tiger reserve in 1973 and a wildlife Sanctuary in 1977 on May 4, 1984, it was declared as a national park. Now it is developing day by day for it’s better beauty.

 The Delta is densely covered by mangrove forests which is suitable for the royal Bengal tigers. So there are many tigers living there. Apart from this, many wild birds, reptiles, invertebrates, and crocodiles are available in Sundarban.             

Sundarban national park is the origin of famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. As the rivers are connected to the Bay of Bengal the test of the water of Sundarban area is salty. That’s why species which survive in the saline water are also available here. Most of the sightseeing is well connected with the river only. So that houseboat is only medium to reach there.


Area of the tiger reserve  

The total area of Sundarban tiger reserve is 2584.89sqkm. 

Latitude:21°31’ to 22°31’N 

Longitude:88°10’ to 89°89°51E 

Habitat attributes 

Plant: it has 140(approx.) plants spec the entire biosphere reserve.  

Animal: The largest numerous species like the tiger, fishing cat, crocodile and king cobra, water monitor lizard, and also other species are available in Sundarban. Sometimes dolphins are also seen in the river during high tide.    


 As per the new estimate base on camera trapping the minimum number of tigers are available in Sundarban tiger reserve. There is three range outside Sundarban tiger reserve that also have tiger presence. As the tiger reserve area is covered by well-protected materials the sundarban royal Bengal tigers are moving freely in the reserve place. They make their hunting naturally. So, Sundarban national park is some kind different than other tiger reserves in India.


The Sajnekhali bird sanctuary is situated in the northern part of Sundarban having 362sq km area. It’s a confluence of the Malta and Gumdi rivers. The area is famous for mainly mangrove trees, forests, and swamps. This bird sanctuary is set up in the year 1976. It’s a home to a rich population of different species of wildlife such as water fowl, heron, spotted deer, rhesus, macaques, wild boar, tigers, water monitor lizards, fishing cats, otters, alive riddles turtles, crocodiles, and migrating bird. The sajnekhali bird sanctuary is the perfect place for nature lovers to observe wild animals and birds closely from Sajnekhali watch tower. 

Transportation facility of this place.  

Sajnekhali bird sanctuary is situated 130km from Kolkata. The nearest railway station to the Sajnekhali is canning. Ferry service is available from Gosaba to reach Sajnekhali bird sanctuary. 

Enjoyment in Sajnekhali bird sanctuary 

The sanctuary is located in the deep mangrove forest of Sundarban. We can reach at sajnekhali bird sanctuary by riding a houseboat in the salty water. We can get an opportunity to see the royal Bengal tiger during traveling with the houseboat.

There are different types of birds such as heron, sparrow, king fisher, mangrove whistler, Black hood oriole, small minivet, yellow wagtail, woodpecker, Asian dowitcher, purple heron, and many more are available there. Apart from this, spotted deer, wolf, fox, rabbit, tigers, and many more wild animals are available in the Sundarban. We can watch these birds and animals closely and clearly.  

There are many Sundarban tour operators available in Kolkata and Gosaba who make Sundarban tour for their tourists. They provide many Sundarban tour packages according to their customers. Don’t forget to visit the sajnekhali bird watching tower and tiger reserve during your Sundarban tour. Positively it will help to gain knowledge of nature, wild animals, and wild birds.