Sundarban Watch Towers: Time to know them better!


Sundarban Watch Towers: Time to know them better!

Here is a blog that you might want to know more about and understand in a deeper sense. So, Sundarban watch towers are very much famous and many people come to Sundarban just to see them and are there. That is why we thought of writing a blog for you so that you can get a clear idea about Sundarban watch towers and when you come here to visit Sundarban you can easily spot them and enjoy your time out there. One more thing just for your good and proper information is that Take the best Sundarban tours and travels 

While you are coming to Sundarban. It will make your travel experience better. 

Ok let’s start

The Watch Tower of Sudhanyakhali: 

This is the best spot to watch tigers. Most of the tigers have been spotted in this area. You will surely love it. The view from this watchtower is just amazing. Wild animals like deers, boars, etc, can also be spotted enjoying their own life. There is also a pond for drinking water and wild animals come there to quench their thirst. You can click on some amazing photos here. 

Watchtower of Sajnekhali:

This is another important watchtower of Sundarban and the main attraction is that from here you can see the Bonobibi temple. A very famous temple in Sundarban that the people of Sundarban respect and pray to. 

Cute and nice Dobanki Watchtower:

This is cute as well as amazing. This canopy walk is something that you cannot miss. This would be one of your memorable experiences. You will be able to see the wild animals while taking the canopy walk. It is 75 km long and it is 20 ft above ground level. 

The Crazy and nice Burir Dabri:

Here you will get two watch towers together. Here the guide will accompany you and you will be able to see the mangrove trees here with their names written for your understanding of which tree is what. It will enhance your knowledge. From this part of Sundarban, you can easily see a part of Bangladesh. 

Netidhopani with its watchtower:

This is one of the most famous and the most beautiful watchtower in Sundarban. This is one of the oldest places in Sundarban and you will get to see ruins of temples here that are more than 500years old. But nobody is allowed hereafter 4 p.m. Wild animals can also be seen here roaming about. 

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