Tips to Choose A Travel Agent for Sundarban?


Tips to Choose A Travel Agent for Sundarban?

When we listen that there is a chance for a trip then we all feel happy and excited. We all love to get out of our monotonous everyday life and enjoy a day or some days out in a beautiful place. This enhances our aura and keeps us awakened all day or days through. Waking up from sleep is not the real awakening. Waking up from the thought that “life is meaningless” is an actual awakening. This awakening can happen anywhere anytime taking into consideration the circumstance and environment of the place. 

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Sundarban provides you with that perfect surrounding that can awaken you and help you enjoy to the fullest. Getting a gift, or enjoying a luxurious life is not real happiness. Real happiness is one which we feel when we feel happy from within. A proper Sundarban trip with the perfect Sundarban tour package from Kolkata can assure you of this beauty of life. 

But first, we need to know who is eligible or who is the one who can actually enjoy Sundarbans. No, this is not an anonymous thing rather this is a very important thing to consider. You have to understand that whether you are or your characteristics are so that you can enjoy fully in Sundarban or not. 

Who is Eligible to Go to Sundarban? 

Though the question might seem to be vague or pointless as you continue reading the blog you will see that the blog is not at all pointless. Yes, Sundarban does require eligibility. Not everyone will be able to enjoy Sundarban. The eligibility criteria will be decided on certain factors:

- Your expectation from a tour is very important. When you consider going for a trip, what do you expect? What are your desires from a trip? Is it just party, fun, and come back, or is it like knowing your inner self, feeling inner peace, and enjoying life as it should be enjoyed?  

- How do you consider mixing up with the locals on a trip. Or do you want to stay on your own without considering anyone? Do you love making some genuine friends or just enjoy yourself on your own? 

 - Does Nature elevate you? Does it tie you with life and make you feel one with the whole world? If yes, then Sundarban will be a great choice for you to travel. 

 You must feel nature and elevate your spirits to that feeling then you will see that you will be able to enjoy Sundarban in a much better manner. Sundarban is a delta not man-made but natural. It is the world’s largest delta and is also protected by UNESCO. So, if you wish to enjoy yourself here then you will have to consider nature and engross yourself in its beauty. 

Why should you consider going to Sundarbans? 

- If you are wondering that why you should consider coming to Sundarban then I must say that “because it is pure and screen, it has no impurity”. The world is now filled with impure things. Purity is rare. So wherever you get this rare thing purity you must not leave the chance to enjoy it. 

- Sundarbans is pure because it is not mixing or adapting the cultures of the world. It has its own cultural identity and it is considering to keep it intact. This quality of Sundarban makes it unique and that is the biggest reason you must visit here and feel your own roots through the teaching Sundarban teaches you. 

- Sundarban is also a very healthy place and if you feel sick and need a weather change then Sundarban will be a great choice for you. You will see how amazing you are enjoying in Sundarban and how beautiful it feel here. The air is pure, the people are not bitchy, the river is clean and the trees are green. This environment can cure you of depression, frustration, and irritating life. 

 What should be your first step when you consider going to Sundarban? 

 Whatever work you might be doing the thing that matters is the first step. What is the first step you take to decide upon what your whole journey will be like? So, when you decide upon going to Sundarban the first step is very important. 

The first step is nothing but choosing the right travel agent. This is a very important and crucial decision whenever you consider going to Sundarban. If you take the step wrong and go to Sundarban then you will not be able to feel Sundarban rather you will feel the worst part of it and return. 

 So, the first thing you must do is decide on who your travel agent would be. 

 Here are certain points that you must consider while choosing a travel agent: 

Go through the reviews

Now we are all online so to get or read reviews is no more a problem. You can just click the business or thing you want to review about and soon you will see so many reviews that are presented in front of you. You must go through all the reviews and then check whether those reviews are right or not from the local travelers who have traveled with the agency. 

Only then you will get a reason to believe the travel agent. Otherwise, you should never believe just like that. 

Analyze the covid-19 precautions: 

Now you know that the whole world is suffering from a dangerous virus the covid 19 viruses. As the reason for long days, the whole world has faced lockdown. We have gone through really tough days. So, to stay protected and also travel the travel agent must consider taking the covid 19 precautions. 

If they are not aware of it and do not take the precaution then we will not be able to fight this virus and remain healthy. So, the travel agent you will choose must consider maintaining the precaution without any excuse. 

Experience of your touring agent: 

The third most important thing is the experience of your touring agent. If your touring agent is not experienced then they will not be able to help you enjoy in Sundaran. In every step, they will demotivate you and you will enjoy nothing. So, experience is a very important thing. 

You will understand whether they are experienced or not just by talking with them. An experienced touring agent will talk confidently and will give you the proof that they are the ones who are the right person to help you travel to Sundarban. With this, you will understand that whether your touring agent is genuine or not. 

Is Forest adventure included: 

Now the next thing you must take into consideration is whether the forest adventure in Sundarban is included in the trip or not. Many times the new touring agents try to skip this part because to include the forest adventure they will have to take lots of permissions and permits. The higher authorities won’t give this to a new travel agent. 

So, this is a very important point to consider and see and if the forest adventure is not included then you must not take the travel agent because then nothing more is left to enjoy in Sundarban. 

During the forest adventure, you enter the National Park and experience the wild animals from close proximity. This is the fulfillment of your Sundarban travel and you feel now your tour to Sundarban is complete. 

Do they provide Tour guides with experience:

Yes, obviously this is a very important point to consider that whether the touring agent is providing you a tour guide that has proper experience or not. Because you are going to Sundarban without any experience. Now If you do not get a proper guide then how will you possibly travel and understand Sundarban. Only if your guide is a good one and they can guide you well throughout the tour then you can enjoy Sundarban in the right manner. 

So, make sure whether your travel agent is providing you the right tour guide and allowing you to travel to Sundarban in a better manner or not. 

Consider the Boat safari:

Sundarban is unique and beautiful because it has a boat safari. Without the boat safari in Sundarban, you will not be able to feel the energy and the magic of Sundarban. The boat takes you through the Sundarban rivers and helps you see the actual beauty of Sundarban. You see the mangroves, the wild animals, the water animals and you also land on some Island to watch the birds and enjoy in a watchtower. All total the boat adventure must be there while the Sundarban tour is considered. 

Hygienic Food or not: 

Does your touring agent is giving you food maintaining all the hygiene? If not then immediately stop your plans with them. Now in this pandemic situation hygiene is the most important thing to consider. If you do not consider Hygiene then you along with all others near you will fall prey to a deadly disease. So, hygiene is very important and this must be maintained. 

Talk to the people who have taken up a tour with them already, You will get a better knowledge about their maintaining hygiene. 

What are the medical facility: 

Getting sick and falling off is a common thing when you are taking such a hectic adventure. So, the touring agent you are going with must have proper medical help for your aid. If this is not given to you then you will face huge trouble. So, make sure your travel agent has proper medical help always with them. 

You must not travel with them if they do not have any medical help with them and try to make you understand with other different things. This will lead you nowhere and later you will cry why you didn’t give it importance at the first hand. 

Does the agent have a certificate:

Considering whether the agent has a certificate or is not very important. If the agent does not have a certificate then you must not consider travel with them. It is not a good thing to travel with someone who does not have a government-recognized certificate. They might create a problem for you at any time. It might be a real disaster for you and your trip too. 

What is their Behavior like: 

Consider their behavior with you. Are they behaving with you in the right manner or not. Are they considering your needs or not. Are they trying to implement their plans or you or not? All these things are very important to see and you must consider all these before finalizing the touring agent. 

 You can take a Sundarban 1 night 2 days tour and enjoy their heavily and have fun with your family and friends