Twist and Turns of Sundarban Exploration


Twist and Turns of Sundarban Exploration

When there is a discussion or a topic raised about Sundarban then the happiness that comes on people's faces is something really to enjoy. You feel happy that you are going to such a place where you can become one with nature. Where you do not have to worry about anything and you will just get ample amount of time to relax and be happy. Just by thinking about this entire one can feel fresh and happy. Then think how beautiful it would be when you step into Sundarban. Yes, it is an amazing experience and you will surely love it.

But now it is not the right time to think Sundarban tour because it is the time of Pandemic and people are supposed to stay indoors. The whole world is suffering because of it and therefore, the governments are giving strict notice to stay indoor to its people. It is for your benefit that everything is shut down. If you stay indoors then you will stay healthy and you will stay safe from the coronavirus. Sanitize yourself, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing. Then you will see we will be able to fight out this covid 19 soon.

It's time we discuss the twist and turns of this Sundarban exploration.

  1. Sundarban is a place where you can feel free to do anything your heart says. But the twist is only good things like exploring Sundarban, going for an adventure, taking a boat ride, clicking the picture of nature, having delicious food all these.
  2. Sundarban is safe and very much friendly. But the turn is when it is the time of monsoon. During monsoons, Sundarban sometimes gets very violent because of its position. Sundarban is surrounded by water bodies on all sides that is why when floods come it gets devastated.
  3. You can find The Royal Bengal Tigers in this mangrove. But the twist is only if you are lucky enough. The tigers remain inside the forest and come out only when they feel like it. That is why if you are lucky then you might see a tiger drinking water from the banks of the river.
  4. The food is very delicious. But the turn is its authentic Bengali food and if you never have tasted Bengali food then it is the right time to taste and hopefully you will surely like it.

Right now due to pandemic Sundarban tours and travels are being shut down. But soon everything will open up and you will be able to enjoy it once again.