What All to Pack for a Day's Tour?


What All to Pack for a Day's Tour?

Whenever the topic is about Sundarbsn a different level of excitement works to write for it. It is because it's so fresh and new every day that it gives you that kick and that enthusiasm to write for it exclusively. But now things are different there, not only there but everywhere. The covid19 situation has stooped everything once again. The moment we thought we have won the battle, the same moment it hit us hard from the back. Covid was kind of gone from India, but just because we took it for granted at a certain point in time it took a U-turn and attacked us once again. Now it is so strong and deadly that it is killing more than ever before and is cureless all the more.

So, now thinking about a Sundarban 1 Day tour is a bad thought. Let the situations get calmer and better than you can think of a tour. Even the tourisms are close now and nothing is open to take you for a tour. You must not get angry and understand the importance of this shutting down everything. If you don't then who will?

But you can know what all you should pack when the tours begin again:

Pack only essentials:

Just pack what is essential. Never pack all the unnecessary stuff for a one-day tour. Pack your medicines, your phone, charger, essential drinks, some snacks, glasses, etc,

Don't take heavy luggage:

You do not need to take heavy luggage with you during this trip. This is a total waste of time and energy. You are just going for a day and you will enjoy yourself there for a day and return.

Carry enough sun guards:

As because you will be exposed to the sun for a long time, then you must carry enough sun guards with you like sunglasses, sunscreen, SPF creams, etc. Staying protected from the sun is a very necessary thing during this trip.

Mask and sanitizers :

Carrying masks and Sanitizers is very important during this time if covid. It will always assure you enough protection and safeguards. You will feel no worries and enjoy the most there.

These are the most important and the most necessary thing that you must carry when you are going for a Sundarban 1 day tour. Not many things are necessary and this will be enough for you to enjoy the most in Sundarban. Too much luggage will just be a headache.