What are the Unique Points of Sundarban?


What are the Unique Points of Sundarban?

Whenever we talk about Sundarban we feel a serenity within. There might be many beautiful places to visit in the world. But a place like Sundarban is hard to find. Sundarban is a raw place without any kind of artificiality. This is what makes it unique and beautiful. Whatever you see here is completely natural and organic. Nothing will you find here that is manmade or artificial. Therefore, you can surely say that Sundarban is a natural beauty. Sundarban tour and travels are proud of this amazing fact about Sundarban. This is a unique point. Other than this you will get to read many more unique points in this blog, but before that let me give you some important knowledge about covid first. This is the hot topic now because it is devastating India right at the moment.

#1. Never leave home without a mask

#2. Sanitize and stay safe

#3. Stay at home as much as possible

#4. If you feel problem consult doctor

#5. Help each other as much as possible.

Now let's know how Sundarban is Unique, and amazing, and different from other deltas in the world.

  • Being the world's largest delta, Sundarban is one of a kind and beautiful. Sundarban spreads over a vast area and presents the most beautiful sight.
  • These are the only mangroves in the world where Tigers can reside. No other mangrove forest in the world has tigers in it. Yes, it is that amazing.
  • The people of Sundarban are very simple and down to earth. Not even a single person out here is cunning or bad at their behavior. All always smile and talk.
  • The food of Sundarban is very unique, it is a pure and authentic Bengali dish. The Sundarban tour and travels proudly about their delicacies.
  • The houseboat that you stay in Sundarban is a unique story altogether. It is a completely different way of staying and enjoying Sundarban. You find this kind of experience nowhere other than Sundarban.

Before we end:

Not only these but there are many more unique points about Sundarban to marvel upon. We have just tried to pick the most important ones so that you feel the interest to read and enjoy.