When Travel is Virtual: A Sundarban Trip


When Travel is Virtual: A Sundarban Trip

Human Beings are always genius. They have traveled from ape to Homo Sapiens. Isn't it a big thing? Human Beings are very clever. They have always found an alternative way when the natural way has closed its doors. Human Beings are always evolving, even if they are within closed doors. This is a fact about every human being and you can't anyway deny it. We are within closed doors now and this situation is prevailing for more than a year now. Did we die? Did we stop living? No nothing like that.  Rather we evolved and we starting thinking about life in a different manner. This is our reality and this is the fact that we can't deny.

So, why won't this be applied in the case of the Sundarban tour? Yes, it is a fact that we can't get out of our homes because of covid 19. But we can at least make some different arrangements so that we can sit in the comfort of our home and enjoy Sundarban? Look we all have five sensory organs. Some blessed people do have an extra called the 6th sense. We feel everything with these sensory organs. So if the five can't be applied together now, at least we can imagine while reading a Sundarban blog and enjoy!.

In that case, our eyes will read and our mind will make a picture and we will enjoy.

Let's go on the imaginary trip:

Imagine the Magnificent Green:

Close your beautiful eyes and now imagine some amazing greens. Amidst it, there are some water bodies and you can hear some people talking in Bengali. The Sun is up and you have just put your first step in Sundarban.

Travel through the Roads of Sundarban:

Now travel through the village roads of Sundarban. On your shoulder, you are carrying your bag pack. A cool breeze is blowing up your hair slowly and the sun is giving you some warmth. Can you feel it? Somewhere from the distant house, you can smell the mouth-watering smell of steamed rice, boiled potatoes with ghee.

Munch on some Bengali Cuisine:

Now you are feeling hungry. Coming to the hotel you request them the same authentic Bengali dish, steamed rice, boiled potatoes, Ghee, flavoring with, mustered oil, salt, and two thin green chilies. The cook of the hotel immediately prepared that for you and you relish it with great satisfaction.

Travel by the Boat:

Now in the afternoon you come out from your hotel and take up a boat ride. How amazing it is to see from the boat the setting sun. You have clicked some great pictures of that setting sun, some amazing pictures of the Sundarban greens, You found a deer drinking water from the river with its family, you captured that too.

One thing you must remember that whenever you travel to Sundarban then you must take the Sundarban tour Package Boat. This will give you enough space and some great enjoyment to travel and feel happier.