Why is Online Booking for Sundarban tour closed now?


Why is Online Booking for Sundarban tour closed now?

We are getting a lot of questions asking that why the Sundarban online tour booking is closed now? Is there any kind of curfew there or not? We will answer these questions one by one. Firstly, there is no kind of curfew in Sundarban right now. Everything is safe out there. Secondly, the online tour booking is closed because the touring agents ensure your safety first. Sundarban is a safe place and nothing is wrong out there. But just Sundarban being safe and nothing being wrong out there won't help right! If any sick person unknowingly travels with you to Sundarban then he might transmit the diseases to you.

Our country is fighting a very bad phase of covid 19 and nothing is good out here. In such a situation traveling is not the right idea. If you travel in this situation then you might have to face a very bad health hazard. So, that you do not face any trouble with your health that is why it is better you do not travel to Sundarban right now. After everything comes to the normal situation, it will be better to go for a Sundarban tour.


The touring agents want you safe:

Yes, the touring agents always want you safe and sound in your place. If while traveling you come in contact with covid 19 then that will not only be disastrous for you but all.

Do not want to pose any danger:

They never want that their travelers become a danger to themselves or anyone else. Therefore they always tend to keep their travelers safe. It is their duty and their necessity to keep you safe.

Making the right plan for you:

They always tend to make the right plan for you and that is why they choose the right time for you to travel and give you the right decision. Listen to your touring agent they will never be wrong.

Will soon open up again:

Don't worry give them some time and they will soon open up again. They will take you for a tour in Sundarban and you will get to enjoy again with your loved one in the amazing place Sundarban.

The online booking for the Sundarban tour is a safe method to book tour packages for Sundarban and you will be able to take the facility again after everything gets normal and better. Till then stay safe be happy.