Why Should Any One Come to Sundarban


Why Should Any One Come to Sundarban

  • Mangrove
  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • World Heritage
  • Hilsa
  • National Park

These are the five main reasons why people tend to visit Sundarban. But there are many more reasons why people come to Sundarban and enjoy it here. If you are interested to know it all then this blog is for you. You will not only know about Sundarban but you will know about its essence and how it became the World Heritage. 

First of all, let's look into its history: 

You can look back into 200 to 300 AD and can trace Sundarban's history. A ruined city made by Chad Sadagar was found in the forest of Baghmara. It was during the Mughal period that the Mughal emperor had leased the forest of Sundarban to the residents of that place. 

Many well-known criminals also took their refuge in this dense forest of Sundarbans. Many buildings inside the forest were built by them. One such evidence is found in the ruins found in Netidhopani and many other places found in Sundarban. 

It was many many years later that Sundarban’s forest was brought under the control of the Government after many acts were passed. It was not an easy process but it was very tactfully done and with different acts, it became protected and was under the control of the government. Now Sundarban is protected by UNESCO as well as the Government of India. If you book a good Sundarban tour operator they will tell you all these and more so that you can gain more knowledge and enjoy Sundarban in a much better manner. 

Let’s know about its Geography

As we all know that The Sundarban forest is situated on the world’s largest Delta that is situated on the Bay of Bengal. This delta was formed by the huge confluence of Padma, Hooghly, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers in the Southern part of Bangladesh. At the coastal lines lies the mangroves and they cover an area over 10,000km square. Of this are 6000 square kilometers lies in Bangladesh. 

The Sundarban forest area is mainly known for the Royal Bengal Tigers. Though many other wild animals also reside there. You will find here deer, elephants, lions, etc. This is the only mangrove in the whole world that Tigers reside. Sundarban is the most favorable place for tigers. 

The soil is very fertile here and people tend to do farming here and a lot of crops are grown throughout the year in this Sundarban area. Though Sundarban is sometimes hit by different storms and cyclones still it again regains its form. Fishing and tourism are the two main occupations here. If you are coming here then you must take the Sundaran tour package boat because when you travel on a boat and take a ride through Sundarban you experience Sundarban in a better manner. 

Things you will love about Sundarban

The above mentioned five things are always loved and enjoyed in Sundarban but other than that the things that you will enjoy in Sundarban are: 


Different varieties of food are available in Sundarban. Sundarban is especially famous for Bengali dishes. But if you want something else you get that too. 

  • Hilsa: This is the most famous food item in Sundarban. Though it is available only during the season, it is the most famous dish and people during its season from August to September come here in abundance just to have this fish. Even this fish is celebrated in Sundarban. 
  • Special Nonveg items: You get all types of Nonveg items here all that is famous in Bengal. Like muri ghonto, daab chingri, chicken, mutton, etc. You can relish a heavy meal in the lunch and enjoy a good sleep in the afternoon. People who come here enjoy the food very much. 
  • Veg items: There is also a lot of things for vegetarians. You get to have Sukto, Alu bhaja, begun bhaja, dal, Paneer, Dhokar dalna, etc. 
  • Deserts: Bengal is always famous for its deserts. So, how is it possible you come to Sundarban and do not enjoy some of its best sweets? You will get to eat the Rasogolla, Sandesh, Misti Doi, their payesh, etc. It tastes heavenly. 
  • Pan: Pan is a very famous mouth freshener that is enjoyed all over India. In different areas of India pan has a special priority after lunch or dinner. So get to enjoy that pan too. 


 There are different types of stay options in Sundarban:

  • Hotel: Hotels in Sundarban are great to stay. They are very much comfortable and cozy. They maintain hygiene and you stay protected from germs and viruses. You must book them beforehand. 
  • Resorts: People those who come in huge number tend to book the resort. It is comparatively a huge area where you can stay well and enjoy yourself with the large group you came with. It is very beautiful with swimming pools and all in house facilities that would take care of your comfort and safety. 
  • Houseboat: This is a recent development and people who get a chance to stay in houseboats do not tend to stay anywhere else. It is amazing to enjoy the complete Sundarban by a stay in a houseboat. It is a whole new experience and you will enjoy it to the fullest. 


There are many things to enjoy in Sundarbans. You can enjoy the National Park, the Watch Towers, The boat ride, bird watching, forest adventure and much more. If you are ready to enjoy then Sundarban is also ready to provide you with everything. 

 When should you come? 

You must come to Sundarban mainly when the winter is about to begin. These are the best times to enjoy in Sundarban. October to March are the best times to enjoy in Sundarban. If you want to enjoy a proper and amazing  Sundarban tour then this is the time to visit Sundarban. 

 So, these are the points that you must put forward for consideration if you want to come to Sundarban. So without any delay book the tour now.