Wildlife in Sundarban


Wildlife in Sundarban

All we know Sundarban contains a huge mangrove forest. Three big rivers are flowing toward the Bay of Bengal. So that the environment of Sundarban is perfect for wild animals, wild birds, reptiles, insects, and humans. There are a few risks for humans and domestic animals in the Sundarban area. But the wild animals particularly the Royal Bengal tigers live here the same as the King’s daily life. A brief discussion of Sundarban is given below.

Wild animals – There is a huge mangrove forest in Sundarban. So that wild animals such as the royal Bengal tigers, wolves, deer, fox, and rabbits are available in Sundarban. They like to live and move there freely. They can get their food easily. There are many carnivorous and omnivorous wild animals present in the jungle. The omnivorous wild animals can get their food easily in the jungle because there is plenty of grace and leaves available in the jungle. Therefore they live there happily. Whereas the carnivorous wild animals are hunting the omnivorous animals for their food. So that a proper food chain is maintained there.

Sometimes the wild carnivorous animals like the royal Bengal tiger, wolf, and fox enters the nearest village for searching food. But it is rare. The moving royal Bengal tigers move in the riversides sometimes because they come there rarely for hunting. As tigers can swim in the water the swimming tigers are seen at the riverside rarely. Most probably the wild animals live here happily. Request to not miss to see the happy life of wild animals in Sundarban. So make a plan for the Sundarban tour quickly.

Wild birds – Many wild birds live in Sundarban at all times because of the suitable environment. There are too many species of birds like mangrove whistler, black hooded oriole, small minivet, woodpecker, tailorbird, kingfisher, western yellow wagtail, and much more available in Sundarban. More than 550 species of birds come to Sundarban in the winter season from various corners of the world. The scenario of Sundarban is amazing in this period. Tourists can enjoy this closely from the bird watching tower. So don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the nature of beauty. Make a plan for a Sundarban tour through an expert Sundarban tour operator who gives customized Sundarban tour packages for their tourists.

Reptiles – There are many reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes, turtles, Bengal lizards, and many more living in Sundarban for the availability of both forests and rivers are in Sundarban. The crocodile is the most famous reptile in the Sundarban among these reptiles. Most of the time crocodiles are seen in the rivers searching for food. Sometimes they are very close to the houseboat. Apart from this, there are many snakes are seen in the jungle. Sometimes the hunting of snakes is also seen in the jungle. They prefer to eat the egg of the birds and birds. So that many snakes climb the mangrove trees rarely.

Lastly, I want to say a proper food chain is maintained in the Sundarban naturally which is set by GOD. In ancient or before 1964 Sundarban was dangerous to everybody due to the movement of wild animals freely. But after that, there are many reserve area for wild animals which is covered by well-protected materials. But there is nothing artificial. All the sightseen are developed here by keeping in mind the enjoyment of nature. So that tourists can enjoy the natural things spontaneously during their Sundarban tour. So that you can make a Sundarban tour to collect more data about the wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles. There are many Sundarban tour packages available in the market right now. Kindly find out a genuine Sundarban travel agent for the best Sundarban tour with the best Sundarban tour package.