When time is less but wishes are many then why not take a day’s trip to Sundarban and experience it all within that short time.

1Where does the tour start from ?

The tour will commence from the Main Gate of Park Street Metro. There is also a pickup and drop facility from a place of your choice at an extra payment of Rs. 1000

2Is it mandatory to carry an ID proof ?

Yes, it is. Indians are required to carry any photo ID proof while foreigners must bring their original passport and Indian Visa.

3Do I need to bring my blankets and sleeping bags ?

No, it is not needed.

4Any clothing tips that I should follow ?

During summers, light cool colours are advisable. For winter, warm clothes are recommended.

5Any specific item that I must bring ?

A spacious backpack



Sun shielding hat

Light and comfortable footwear

6Is tiger a guarantee that I will get to see the tiger?

There is no guarantee but being optimistic never hurts. And our expert guides more than often find one for you to witness.

7Is there a waiver for children?

Children up to the of 4 years can travel for free

There is a 50% waiver for children between 5-10 years old

8How do I book for the tour ?

Please contact us. All our contact details are enlisted on the website.

9What are the accepted modes of payment ?

Cash, Bank Transfer and PayPal(for foreigners)

10Is there a waiver for children ?

There are no hidden costs

11Are the travellers covered under insurance ?

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