A Proper Sundarban Tour Review


A Proper Sundarban Tour Review

I am a traveler and my work is to travel to different places on this beautiful earth. I move from one place to the other in search of different things. But rarely do I find what I always search is love, peace, and fulfillment. But I never stooped and traveled from one place to the other. Once I reached Kolkata, a beautiful city in West Bengal India. It is also known as the city of joy. I loved the place. It is an amazing city with some very loving and kindhearted people. They cared for me a lot. One day I was sitting on the hotel lawn, I heard two boys were sitting talking about a beautiful place called Sundarban. I lend my ears to what they were talking. I heard their stories about Sundarban. I was very excited and wanted to know about the place in detail. So, I went to those boys and asked them to tell me about Sundarban. 

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They not only told me but showed me some of the pictures of Sundarban on their Laptop. It was enhanced by my wish to go to Sundarban and I asked them how could I go to Sundarban soon. They helped with Sundarban tour and travels and then they told me when and how I can go to Sundarban. I was very excited. I with my curiosity searched about Sundarban online. I found many details about the place, I understood the place is very simple and adventurous. It excited me more. Such an adventurous place is always loved and something which person like me love to explore. Sundarban and Kolkata both are Bengali-populated areas. It is a very nice place to be. It is exciting and adventurous. If you want to go to Sundarban then you need to be prepared for crossing the rivers, being wet, traveling through the forest, seeing and experiencing wild animals. 

It is the kind of place I was searching for for so long. The best part about this place was its very kind-hearted people. They are so good and loving. I am very much impressed to know about them. They have no such affluence to live with, they lead a minimalistic life, but the way they survive is so loving and good that people get attracted towards it. They never complain that they have so little. Rather they are happy that they are not affluent. They are happy that they are living so simply. They are always ready to help and always ready to give you the best experience in Sundarban. I will tell you about them more as I tell you about how I started the tour and how things happened. This is a very exciting story. You will love to know. So, read the full blog and know it all. 

When you go to Sundarban you must choose the Sundarban tour package boat in that manner you can travel and feel free in Sundarban. Many people like to read good reviews about Sundarban. But those reviews are not easy to read neither good to read because most of them are fake. But this is my experience in Sundarban. You will enjoy it very well. It is true: 

The Boat experience: 

The houseboat experience in Sundarban is amazing. It is once in lifetime experience type thing. If you once experience it you will never forget it. The sundarban tour package from Kolkata is many. You need to choose which one will suit your purpose of going to Sundarban. Your tour guide may suggest you some options but the choice must be done by you. 

The adventure

The adventure in Sundarban is something to be enjoyed. You are on the boat and the boat is taking you through different places. At someplace you are seeing dolphins dancing, at someplace you might see the Royal Bengal drinking water from the river, at someplace you might see a small deer is being loved by his or her mother, the mangroves, the national park, the bird watching, everything is so amazing. You must enjoy all these while in Sundarban. It is something great and happy thing to do. 

The forest safari: 

The forest safari is a great adventure. But you need a lot of permission to enter the forest at the first instance. You need to take permission from the camera if you want to click pictures, you need to follow certain rules and regulations, only then you can enter the forest and enjoy it there. Otherwise, you might fall into trouble if you do not follow the rules. 

The food: 

The food in Sundarban is very tasty. People love the Bengali cuisines that are served in Sundarban. Prepared well, delicious this food is one of a kind. Whether you are a Bengali or not you will surely love this food. Every person who comes to visit Sundarban loves the food of Sundarban. It is very tasty and people love it a lot. 

The amazing stay: 

The stay in Sundarban is always very much amazing. It is very clean and hygienic and it's well sanitized too. If you come to Sundarban you will feel that you have nothing to worry about. It is well decorated, well arranged, and well organized. Your stay in Sundarban will always be beautiful and happy. You will enjoy it all. Yes, it is that beautiful. 

The people out there: 

The people out there in Sundarban are so good. They are so pure from the heart. They ask nothing from you, you will have nothing to ask from them. If you are in trouble or not they will always take care of you and will make you smile. You might wonder why are they so good? They have nothing much to enjoy but still, they can be so happy and satisfied. It's their magic and they are always that good. 

Sundarban is one of a kind place and when you stay there, you enjoy it well. If you get to enjoy the Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days that is enough and you will enjoy a lot in that tour. You will surely love the experience and things will be enjoyable.